A modern substitute to hardwood with the long lasting benefits of uPVC. Versatile composite doors are made using a combination of materials such uPVC (Polyvinyle chloride), hardwood, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)-for long lasting performance and insulation Foam.
Types we supply and install:

Available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs such as Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian, colours and finishes- including natural wood grain finishes that look and feel like traditional stained timber.


They offer a stunning and sophisticated look that has seen them become a popular option for many homeowners.
Types we supply and install:

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium


Sliding doors are a popular substitute to French doors. They are usually installed between the house and the garden but can also be used as a room divider in a conservatory or extension.
Types we supply and install:

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium


A necessity feature in the design of new build homes, extensions and renovations. The addition of a bi fold door allows you to create a 90% clear opening which will transform your living space, making them a fantastic alternative to French doors and patio doors.
Types we supply and install:

  • Aluminium

Door Materials

uPVC doors are long lasting, energy efficient and requires virtually no maintenance.
Aluminium is a strong and versatile material that is resistant to weathering and corrosion.

Door Furniture

All doors are available with a wide range of letter boxes, handles locks and other door accessories. All available in many different colours including white, silver chrome and gold.

We are Brass Bee stockists


Garage doors are available in a range of styles and materials that are designed to provide safe, secure and easy access to your garage.

Garage doors are made from steel, wood or aluminium.

Though each has their individual benefits, steel garage doors are still the most popular choice in the UK. Steel doors wont warp, crack or fall apart due to the effects of weather.

Types of Garage Doors we supply and install:

  • Roller Garage Doors
  • Side Hinged Garage Doors
  • One Piece Garage Doors
  • Residential Garage Doors